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The Xootr Swift was a folding bike manufactured by the Xootr scooter company. It was apparently discontinued in early 2017.

I've begun to archive information about the bike here, as Xootr has begun to remove details from their website.


More specs can be found under the parts listing for the Xootr Swift Frame Set.

  • Tires: Shipped with Kenda Kwest 20x1.5" tires. The tires came in 40-65 or 100 PSI versions.


These are the parts and accessories for the Swift originally sold by Xootr.

  • Xootr Swift Frame Set
  • Crossrack
  • Swift Single Speed Kit:
    • Price: US$19.95
    • Description: "This single speed kit allows you to easily convert your 8-speed Swift into a single speed urban assault vehicle. The single speed kit includes custom spacers that slide onto the existing hub after removing the cassette, a 16T sprocket, and locking ring."
  • Front Derailleur Mount
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