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"Your Daily Christian News Service"

Listed as a source by some Christian Persecution Magazine articles. Site design appears to be almost exactly the same between the two websites.

Worthy News is operated by a 501c3 organization called Worthy Ministries. It has operated since 1999 [1]. They claim that:

"Our eventual goal is to become a full-fledged professionally staffed news service covering the International scene with a particular focus on Israel and the United States, reporting the news truthfully and accurately without the "spin" common to most secular news services."


See also BosNewsLife, a separate news site operated by Stefan Bos with articles by Eric Leijenaar.

  • Stefan J. Bos, Europe Bureau Chief / International Correspondent
  • Joe DeCaro
  • Rodney Drinnen, National Correspondent
  • Eric Leijenaar, Senior Special Correspondent
  • George Whitten, Chief International Writer, Jerusalem Bureau Chief, International Correspondent

Some articles under the byline "Worthy News Staff" or "Worthy News Middle East Service"

Designations of "National" or "International" seem to be meaningless. Titles change from story to story or are left off entirely.