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This is a work area.. these aren't documents in progress as much as they're brainstorming areas and places to store information and links to be used on projects.

Christian missions and the Christian Persecution movement

What effect do evangelical Christian missions have in predominantly Muslim areas of Africa? Is religious strife in these areas a result of the incursion of these missions? Do these missions and the Christian Persecution movement exploit this strife for their own uses?

Misc notes:


AllAfrica.com's coverage of Nigerian media

Indigene vs. settler policy in Nigeria as a source of conflict

This issue parallels the Christian Persecution movement topic above. Many of Nigeria's riots and conflicts are labeled as Muslims fighting Christians. The truth is not nearly so simple. The Jos riots of 2008 were caused more by Hausa frustration at being treated as second-class citizens by other ethnic groups who considered them "settlers" in Jos - despite the Hausa "settlers" having lived in Jos for several generations.

Muslim/Christian conflict in Nigeria

Notes- Reinhard Bonnke:

  • Another religious group disputes Bonnke's numbers: [1]