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I aim to make this a thorough list of distillery numbers. There are dozens of other lists out there, but frequently they're incomplete. If you have a correction, please send it to me!


Why does the SMWS only identify scotches by number? There are two answers to this question - the old answer and the modern answer.

The old answer is that this is/was a part of their agreement with each distillery - they agrees to not overtly identify the source distillery (though their descriptions sometimes give strong hints at who it is). People began keeping lists of which distillery corresponded to which number - which is how this page got started.

The modern answer is that this really isn't a secret anymore - you can go to the SMWS website and find distilleries listed by number for the bottles they currently have in stock. Lists like this page come in handy when trying to find information on bottles that are now out of stock. Perhaps the agreement with the distilleries changed.

The best reason to de-emphasize the distillery names are that SMWS releases come from single casks, while the whisky bottles you buy in your local store come from a blend made up of many different casks. Liquor companies work to ensure that retail bottles all taste generally the same from one bottle to the next - but SMWS releases can taste very different from one cask to the next. So the numbers also help to remove any preconceived notions of what a release should taste like - a Macallan from the SMWS will almost certainly not taste the same as a Macallan you buy in the store. And that's a good thing, this means that each SMWS release is a unique thing. However, if you visit their tasting rooms in the UK, their staff will be happy to tell you which distillery the bottles are from.

What do the numbers mean? 5.19 means that the bottle is from the 19th cask/release the SMWS has purchased from distillery 5. In this case, it would be from Auchentoshan.

Why can't I find X in the SMWS' current catalog? The SMWS doesn't have offerings from every distillery available all the time. Some of the distilleries listed may never see the light of day in the SMWS catalog again. And if you're in the US, the US SMWS affiliate has a much, much more limited selection than the UK does. This is just a guide to what the numbers are, not what you can order at any time.

What about other spirits? The SMWS offers other spirits from time to time outside of the usual Scotch realm. Often these will be unique creations - like cask-aged gin that you won't find in stores. These are designated by different codes before the number. They are listed below:

  • A: Armagnac
  • B: Bourbon
  • C: Cognac
  • Cider: Cider Brandy (only one known release with no official cask prefix)
  • G: Grain whisky
  • GN: Gin
  • R: Rum
  • RW: Rye whisky

What about the Vaults Collection? The SMWS issues special archival releases branded as the Vaults Collection from time to time. These follow the standard release numbering scheme, though I've added a P tag to the release number to flag these as premium releases.

Why are some catalog items blank? If I can confirm in the SMWS catalog that an item exists, I'll list the item number here. Once there's more information, I'll add it, otherwise I'll leave the entry blank.

Why isn't the number I'm looking for listed here? I probably haven't updated the list. The SMWS doesn't add new distillers as frequently as they add releases, so I'm not constantly checking for updates. Feel free to ask me if you think I need to add something that's missing.

What about blends? I've made a subsection under the main whisky section for these. There is no official numbering scheme for these.

What are the different colors in the top wraps and labels? The SMSW has introduced a series of flavor profiles. These are an attempt to go beyond the general regional distinctions. A single distillery could have casks in SMWS with multiple different flavor profiles. The profiles are listed here.

Are you affiliated with the SMWS? No. I put this together without any direct help from the SMWS. They can't be held responsible for any of the information I have listed here or any errors. Please let me know if you find any mistakes.

Scotch whisky, Irish whiskey, Japanese whisky, Indian whisky, Welsh, English, American...

This category has become a bit of a catch-all with the last few releases, as you can see the title keeps growing longer. I've updated the distillery status here and there, but this should not be considered an authoritative source for distillery operational status - that's not the purpose of this list.

SMWS Number Distillery Region Status Owner Comments
1 Glenfarclas Speyside
2 Glenlivet Speyside
3 Bowmore Islay
4 Highland Park Island
5 Auchentoshan Lowland
6 MacDuff (Glen Deveron) Highland
7 Longmorn Speyside
8 Tamdhu Speyside
9 Glen Grant Speyside
10 Bunnahabhain Islay
11 Tomatin Highland
12 BenRiach Speyside
13 Dalmore Highland
14 Talisker Island
15 Glenfiddich Speyside
16 Glenturret Highland
17 Scapa Island Reopened Mothballed in 1994
18 Inchgower Speyside
19 Glen Garioch Highland
20 Inverleven Lowland Demolished 1991 Distilled 1938-1991 at Dumbarton
21 Glenglassaugh Speyside Reopened 2008 Closed 1986
22 Glenkinchie Lowland
23 Bruichladdich Islay
24 Macallan Speyside
25 Rosebank Lowland Closed 1993 Plans to reopen
26 Clynelish Highland
27 Springbank Campbelltown
28 Tullibardine Highland
29 Laphroaig Islay
30 Glenrothes Speyside
31 Isle of Jura Island
32 Edradour Highland
33 Ardbeg Islay
34 Tamnavulin Speyside
35 Glen Moray Speyside
36 Benrinnes Speyside
37 Cragganmore Speyside
38 Caperdonich Speyside Closed 2002 Pernod Ricard Demolished in 2010
39 Linkwood Speyside
40 Balvenie Speyside
41 Dailuaine Speyside
42 Tobermory (Ledaig) Island
43 Port Ellen Islay Closed 1983, partially demolished. Diageo Only maltings. Reopening by 2020.
44 Craigellachie Speyside
45 Dallas Dhu Speyside Closed 1983 Opened as a museum in 1992.
46 Glenlossie Speyside
47 Benromach Speyside
48 Balmenach Speyside
49 St Magdalene/Linlithgow Lowland Demolished 1983
50 Bladnoch Lowland
51 Bushmills Irish
52 Pulteney Highland
53 Caol Ila Islay
54 Aberlour Speyside
55 Royal Brackla Highland Reopened 1991 Closed 1985
56 Coleburn Speyside Closed 1983, equipment and buildings sold. Diageo
57 Glen Mhor Highland Demolished 1983 Distillers Company
58 Strathisla Speyside
59 Teaninich Highland
60 Aberfeldy Highland
61 Brora Highland Demolished 2019, will be rebuilt.[1] Closed 1983
62 Glenlochy Highland Demolished except for the kiln building. Closed 1983, a hotel now stands on the site.
63 Glentauchers Speyside
64 Mannochmore Speyside Reopened Closed 1985-1989 and 1995
65 Imperial Speyside Demolished 2013 Mothballed 1998
66 Ardmore Highland
67 Banff Speyside Demolished 1991 Distillers Company Closed 1983
68 Blair Athol Highland
69 Glen Albyn Highland Closed 1983, Demolished 1988
70 Balblair Highland
71 Glenburgie Speyside Closed
72 Miltonduff Speyside Closed
73 Aultmore Speyside
74 North Port Highland Closed 1983
75 Glenury Royal Highland Closed 1985, buildings sold. Diageo
76 Mortlach Speyside
77 Glen Ord / Glenordie Highland
78 Ben Nevis Highland
79 Deanston Highland
80 Glen Spey Speyside
81 Glen Keith Speyside
82 Glencadam Highland Reopened Was mothballed in 2000
83 Convalmore Speyside Closed 1985, dismantled. Diageo Site still used as a warehouse.
84 Glendullan Speyside
85 Glen Elgin Speyside
86 Glenesk / Hillside Highland Demolished Closed 1985, only maltings
87 Millburn Highland Demolished 1985 Most buildings demolished 1988, a hotel is in the remaining building.
88 Speyburn Speyside
89 Tomintoul Speyside
90 Pittyvaich Speyside Demolished 2002 Mothballed 1993
91 Dufftown Speyside
92 Lochside Highland Closed 1992 Allied Domecq Demolished in 2004.
93 Glen Scotia Campbelltown Reopened
94 Fettercairn Highland
95 Auchroisk (The Singleton) Speyside
96 Glendronach Highland
97 Littlemill Lowland Closed 1994 Dismantled 1997, buildings burned in 2004. Loch Lomond distillery is aging the remaining casks.
98 Inverleven Highland Distilled 1956-1985 using Lomond stills
99 Glenugie Highland Closed 1983, sold.
100 Strathmill Speyside
101 Knockando Speyside
102 Dalwhinnie Speyside
103 Royal Lochnagar Highland
104 Glenburgie (Glencraig) Speyside Distillery is open, but these original Lomond stills are gone. Pernod Ricard Distilled with Lomond stills until 1981.
105 Tormore Speyside
106 Cardhu Speyside
107 Glenallachie Speyside
108 Allt-a-Bhainne Speyside
109 Miltonduff (Mosstowie) Speyside Closed 1981 Distilled with Lomond stills
110 Oban Highland
111 Lagavulin Islay
112 Loch Lomond Highland Inchmurrin
113 Braeval (Braes of Glenlivet) Speyside
114 Springbank (Longrow) Campbelltown
115 Knockdhu (An Cnoc) Highland
116 Yoichi Nikka Japan
117 Cooley (Tyrconnell) Ireland, unpeated
118 Cooley (Connemara) Ireland, peated
119 Yamazaki Suntory Japan
120 Hakushu Suntory Japan
121 Arran Island Opened 1995
122 Loch Lomond Highland Croftengea
123 Glengoyne Highland
124 Miyagikyo Nikka Japan
125 Glenmorangie Highland
126 Springbank (Hazelburn) Campbelltown Not sure what this signifies, Hazelburn closed in the 1920s.
127 Bruichladdich (Port Charlotte) Islay Closed in 1929 Bruichladdich Distillery Co SMWS sells Bruichladdich casks aged at Port Charlotte.
128 Penderyn Wales
129 Kilchoman Islay
130 Chichibu Venture Whisky Japan
131 Hanyu Closed in 2000, demolished in 2004 Japan
132 Karuizawa Mothballed in 2000, Closed in 2011 Mercian Japan
133 Westland Distillery USA (Washington)
134 Paul John John Distilleries India (Goa)
135 Loch Lomond Highland Inchmoan
136 Eden Mill Lowland
137 St. George England
138 Nantou (Omar) Taiwan
139 Kavalan King Car Group Taiwan
140 Balcones USA (Texas)
141 Fary Lochan Denmark
142 Breuckelen USA (New York)
143 Copperworks USA (Washington)
144 High Coast Sweden
145 Smögen Sweden
146 Cotswolds United Kingdom


These releases aren't officially numbered, I originally tried to put these in chronological order but failed/gave up. Some listings use the prefix "Batch".

SMWS Number Name Components Comments
Blend1 Exotic Cargo
Blend2 Exotic Cargo 2
Blend3 Peat Faerie Speyside and Islay
Blend4 Peat Faerie 2
Blend5 Peat Faerie Jr
Blend6 Old Fashioned IPA, Bourbon, Sherry casked
Blend7 Festival Blend 2019 Unsure about the order of this one.
Blend8 Beach Comber
Blend9 Battle Axe
Blend10 Black Oak
Blend11 Small Batch Lemon Odyssey Renewal Exclusive
Blend12 Tarpit


SMWS Number Distillery Status Comments
A1 Château de Lacaze
A2 Domaine Laguille
A3 J. Goudoulin Veuve Goudoulin
A4 Domaine d'Esperance
A5 Chateau de Laubade

Bourbon (and other American whiskey)

Source is Kentucky unless otherwise commented. Some lists cite B6-B13, but I cannot find evidence of these releases actually existing (yet).

SMWS Number Distillery Status Comments
B1 Heaven Hill Kentucky
B2 Bernheim (HH) Kentucky
B3 Rock Town Arkansas
B4 FEW Spirits Illinois
B5 Cascade Hollow George Dickel, Tennessee
B7 Heaven Hill Kentucky
B8 Heaven Hill Kentucky
B9 Heaven Hill Kentucky
B10 Heaven Hill Kentucky
B12 Heaven Hill Kentucky


There is only one known release, it is labeled as "Cask No. 1" with no prefix on the bottle.

SMWS Number Distillery Status Comments
Cider1 Somerset Apple brandy, made in UK. Distilled 1991.


Not much is known here, but I've added origin notes. Note that some distilleries have multiple regional sources within the Cognac AOC.

SMWS Number Distillery Status Comments/region
C1 Camus Ile de Ré (Bois à Terroirs)
C2 Domaine de Chez Guérive Petite Champagne
C3 Louis Royer 3.1 is from Ile de Ré (Bois à Terroirs), 3.2 is from Grande Champagne
C4 Distillerie D'Aumagne Petite Champagne
C5 Tiffon Cognac 5.1 and 5.3 are from Grande Champagne, 5.2 is from Petite Champagne
C6 M&H Bonneau Borderies
C7 Petite Champagne
C8 Grande Champagne
C9 Petite Champagne


There's no official numbering scheme for their cask blends. SMWS Switzerland uses LRB as the prefix, Hong Kong calls it "CASK Blend".

Number Name Comments
CBlend1 (LRB1) A Trifle Delightful XO


SMWS Number Distillery Status Comments
GN1 Glasgow Distillery / Makar Glasgow, Scotland
GN3 The Borders Distillery Hawick, Scotland
GN4 The Boatyard Distillery Northern Ireland


Source is Scotland unless otherwise commented.

SMWS Number Distillery Status Comments
G1 North British
G2 Carsebrisge Closed 1983 Dismantled in 1992
G3 Caledonian Closed 1988 Torn down
G4 Cameron Bridge Major renovations in 1989, 2000
G5 Invergordon
G6 Port Dundas
G7 Girvan
G8 Cambus
G9 Loch Lomond
G10 Strathclyde
G11 Nikka Miyagikyo Japan, Coffey Grain
G12 Nikka Miyagikyo Japan, Coffey Malt
G13 Chita Japan
G14 Dumbarton Closed 2002
G15 Loch Lomond (Rhosdhu)


There are differing opinions about some sources. I've listed what appear to be the more informed sources, with the alternative source in the comments.

SMWS Number Distillery Status Comments
R1 Monymusk Jamaica (Some say Port Mourant in Guyana)
R2 El Dorado Guyana
R3 Rockley Still at West Indies Rum Distillery Barbados (Some say Mount Gay)
R4 Angostura Trinidad
R5 Longpond Jamaica (Some say Appleton)
R6 Foursquare Barbados
R7 Hampden Jamaica
R8 Flor de Caña Nicaragua (Full distillery name is Compañia Licorera de Nicaragua)
R9 Ron Abuelo Panama (Full corp name is Varela-Hermanos)
R10 Caroni Trinidad (some say Trinidad Distillers)
R11 Worthy Park Jamaica
R12 Travellers Belize
R13 Caroni Trinidad

Rye Whiskey

SMWS Number Distillery Status Comments
RW1 FEW Distillery USA (Illinois)
RW2 USA (New York)
RW3 USA (New York)