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This is where I'm putting old projects and notes - some were only barely started, some are just no longer maintained and are kept here for historical reference.

  • Asia Craft Beer Guide Stillborn project to catalog information about where to find good beer in Asia. At the time I started putting this together, there were very few places. In only a few short years it has exploded and it's easy to find good beer. So there's no longer a need for this IMHO.
  • West African Internet resources Stillborn project to catalog ISPs, transit providers, associations, and telecom regulatory bodies across West Africa.
  • Incubators and Startup Culture in West Africa Project to record incubators, co-working spaces and startup groups in West Africa. At the time it was last updated in 2009, it was pretty much complete, but the scene has grown by leaps and bounds, and I sadly don't have the time to keep this updated.
  • Nigeria GSM History Notes for a talk I gave on the development of the telecommunications industry in Nigeria. There was precious little information on Celia and the NCC's aborted spectrum auctions online- in fact, even now in 2019 this page is one of the few that have these details.
  • TechLunch History The history of Atlanta's WOPM TechLunch, with probably the most complete list of restaurants.
  • WIP Research from 2008/2009 on what I call the Christian Persecution Movement used the lack of media coverage and understanding of Nigerian ethnic groups to create their own "fake news" to lather up their supporters for donations. These pages are just rough collections of notes.
  • Coins Notes on where to get mint sets and bulk coins.