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SMWS Releases

SMWS Number Title Label Description Description Distilled Cask Age ABV
46.78 General Custard Dense, seductive, and thrilling with cake and confectionary sweetness, tropical fruit medleys and a custard-textured mouth-filling loveliness. Plasticine, white jelly beans and pine cones were all noted to begin with. Then fabric softener, fresh linen, bubblegum, sweetened mascarpone, buttermilk and cream soda. An apple pie drizzled with vanilla custard! When reduced the nose displayed cornflour, cream of tartar, toasted cereals, clotted cream and raspberry jam. Light notes of camphor with sunflower oil and toasted pumpkin seeds. A superbly seductive aroma! To taste there was initially lemon cheesecake stodge, then orange soda, tutti frutti chewing gum, fruit salad sweeties, pineapple syrup, watermelon cordial and quinine. Water brought vanilla ice cream coke floats, strawberry compote, custard fruit tarts, motor oil, a sense of youthful dessert wines and a lemon sherbet fizz. 19 May 2009 1st fill barrel / ex-Bourbon 9 57.1%