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Compass Direct News [1] bills itself as providing "News from the Frontlines of Persecution". They are a "Christian news service" [2] that is rather vague on their news sources- they only state that they maintain "an extensive network of news bureaus and correspondents around the world" [3]

Compass Direct appears to require that those wanting to reprint its articles pay a fee.

Contact and Ownership

Address: Compass Direct News, PO Box 27250, Santa Ana, CA 92799 Phone: 949-862-0304 Fax: 949-752-6536

No editors, publishers, reporters, writers, or owners are listed anywhere on the site.

The only corporation matching the name "compass direct" in the State of California is Compass Direct, LLC in San Diego, CA, which is a marketing company created in 2008.

Reporters and Bylines

All articles are anonymously written and published under the Compass Direct News byline. CDN seems to hire stringers for most of its work: [4], paying $125-$175 for articles.

LinkedIn has profiles for several writers:

  • Editorial Assistant at Compass Direct News (Los Angeles)
  • Barbara Baker, Middle East Bureau Chief at Compass Direct News (Turkey, College - George Fox U 63-67) [5]
  • Deann Alford (former) Correspondent at Compass Direct News 1997-2008 (Austin, College - LA Tech) [6]

There's also another person who turns up in a search, but has no listed affiliation other than listing it as a "group":

  • Joe Handley, President of Asian Acess [7]