Braeval (Braes of Glenlivet)

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SMWS Releases

SMWS Number Title Description Distilled Cask Age ABV
113.23 Chilled gazpacho and sweet potato soup A fresh, light, lively almost vivacious aroma on the nose neat surprised us all – comments included pear drops, linseed oil, boozy tropical fruit salad and a chilled tomato/pepper gazpacho with plenty of sherry. This continued almost seamlessly on the palate neat – a simple, refreshing chilled Spanish soup with roughly chopped peppers, tomatoes, shallots, garlic, cloves - seasoned with olive oil and sherry vinegar. After a drop of water we found initially pineapple cubes and cola bottles sweets before making rhubarb crumble and eating cucumber sandwiches, pakoras with a mint and coriander dip and finishing with a sweet potato, lime and ginger soup. 15 December 2008 First fill ex-bourbon 7 63.8%