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I have a Bradley electric smoker here in Singapore. BBQ fans can get a bit religious about smokers - some think that electric smokers are cheating, and the only legitimate smokers are stick burners that take full logs. While it would be very nice to have a nice, big, full smoker - I live in Singapore, and that's really, really unreasonable. I could use a Weber Smokey Mountain smoker, but my apartment balcony is so incredibly windy that a charcoal-based smoker is out of the question. Plus, Amazon Prime had a Bradley for sale (mistakenly?) in Singapore, so I jumped on the offer.

You can read and see more about my smoker setup here: Smoker experiments and notes

This page is designed to be a resource for others with Bradley smokers.

SusanMinor Documentation

There have been several pages over the years that had good collections of smoker information - these pages have disappeared and the information has become very hard to find. I am trying to rescue many of the pages that were at susanminor (dot) org which was a great resource, but it looks like the domain expired and a squatter has taken it over and is serving ads and malware there now. Others have attempted to pull recipes and documentation from the site, but these are sometimes provided as .exe files - which you should run far, far away from unless you want malware!

I do not own these recipes and documents, they all come from the above-mentioned site and its users. I have given credit where credit was given at the original site.