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"Budapest-based Internet news agency offers reports on Christians and Jews living in difficult circumstances or facing persecution around the world" "Central Europe's First Christian News Agency"

Founded and operated by Stefan J and Agnes R Bos. Started operations on 1 May 2004 in Budapest. [1]

Interestingly, BNL discourages redistribution of its articles. Only those who donate $10 to the site and get prior written consent can publish, broadcast, rewrite, or redistribute any of their content.


Reporter bio page.

  • Vishal Arora
  • Agnes R Bos
  • Stefan J. Bos, International Correspondent, Chief International Correspondent
  • Rodney Drinnen, International Correspondent
  • Richard Ehrlich
  • Kristov Esocia (or Khristov Exoucia), Special Correspondent
  • Eric Leijenaar, Senior Special Correspondent
  • Jawad Mazhar, Special Correspondent
  • Mary Priddy, Special Correspondent, International Correspondent
  • George Whitten, International Correspondent, Chief Middle East Correspondent, Chief International Correspondent, Jerusalem Bureau Chief

Anonymous Bylines

Many pre- December 2008 articles have no bylines at all.

  • BosNewsLife Africa Service
  • BosNewsLife Asia Service: The group claims to have undercover writers in various parts of Asia (India, Pakistan, Philippines) that report on CP stories in those locations under the byline "BosNewsLife Asia Service".
  • BosNewsLife Middle East Service
  • BosNewsLife News Center

Story Flow

Stories on BNL frequently also appear on other CP sites, sometimes attributed to BNL, and other times are presented as coming from the other site. Example: